Important News : Telephone Systems and the NBN
With the roll-out of the NBN in many areas, recent feedback from customers in those areas has indicated that some Telephony Service Providers and/or their representatives are providing incorrect information to customers about their options with regard to NBN connection.
An example of this misinformation is "Your telephone system is incompatible with the NBN and must be replaced".
Then the offer of a "compatible" system, or service, may be made, with costs, contracts, etc. Note: loss of existing system features may occur.

In almost all cases existing telephone systems can be connected to the NBN ! Some may require ancillary equipment to do so. Some - like current Hybrex equipment - may be NBN ready, or easily made so, right now. For some more detailed information see here : NBN solutions

However the story doesn't end there ... in addition to Telephony providers there are also Scammers attempting to prey on the uninformed.
The ACCC has recognized this and issued a public warning - see here : ACCC : Beware of NBN Scams .

Hybrex Systems are Extensively Featured, Affordable, NBN Ready Communication Solutions.
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Coming Soon : Hybrex Nurse Call
Medical & Aged Care
Nurse Call System
Integrated with
Hybrex GDS.
One System for
Access Control
& Nurse Call ...
Economy, Efficiency, ...
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New Keyphones
New DK9 Series 
Digital Keyphones
Now available

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Advanced Messaging System
Now available: AMS : In-skin Advanced Messaging System - Featuring:
  • Multi-Level Scripted Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Unified Messaging - Voicemail to Email
  • Call Recording - Automatic / On Demand
  • Backup to Network
Available for G1E-GDS and GDS platforms.
New Feature Phone
New AH99-PN  
Analogue Feature Phone with:
  • UNIQUE Paging Ability
        on Hybrex Systems
  • 10 One-touch service keys
  • Handsfree calling
  • Message Wait Lamp
  • and more
Ideal for Hotel Room Phone ...
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Hybrex Telephone Systems - Hybrex Solutions :
  • Hybrex : Affordable NBN Ready Communication Solutions.
  • User Friendly Operation.
  • Expandable Solutions - 40 to 1280 ports - Single Site / Multi-Site.
  • Intercom and Access Control in the One System.
  • Highly versatile - extensive programmability.
  • Peace of Mind with a 3 Year Warranty on all Hybrex equipment.
  • Celebrating 25 years in Australia - over 50,000 systems installed.
IP Keyphone
IP38-61  IP Keyphone.
Full keyphone functions
in remotely locatable
handset. Ideal for
teleworker, remote
office; many other
extension phone. .. more
Hybrex Office systems graphic - brunette in office using phone
Access Control
ACP30           ACP40
Hybrex Hospitality systems graphic - girl at Hotel Reception