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New Access Control Phones : ACP30 & ACP40
New Access Control Phones with a Difference

Presenting two new Hybrex Access Control Phones with touch interface and integrated MiFare (NFC) card reader. With an IP44 rating providing for sheltered outdoor fitment these phones provide an elegant solution where a doorphone, or other access control, is required.

The ACP30 is a simple one button Doorphone, with integrated relays and sensor, available with or without MiFare Card reader.

The ACP40 has a two line OLED display and full keypad, allowing for card and/or code entry for more security options. The keypad allows use as an extension specific intercom and system programming options allow for dialing from displayed directory if required. Relays and sensor are integrated, as are tamper alarms etc for both phones.

For full details see the Hybrex Doorphones page
picture of ACP30 & ACP40
New Enterprise Class System : the GDS1280

GDS1280 Head Cabinet

Hybrex GDS1280 Hybrid IP System
for Medium to Large Business and Hospitality

Today's large enterprises need reliable, flexible, remotely accessible, easy-to-manage voice communications solutions. ... The GDS1280 answers this need.

The GDS1280 is an Enterprise Class Communication System that provides an integrated, interactive solution for medium-sized businesses, large corporations, chained hotels and hospitals.
Expandable from 80 ports through to 1280 ports using standard Hybrex G series components, this solution combines traditional telephony functions with support for IP telephony, and the full range of Hybrex GDS system functionality, to provide an effective and complete communications solution for cost-conscious companies on the cutting edge.

For full details see the Hybrex GDS1280 page
New Master Processor for G1E Plus
G1E Plus Transforms to G1E-GDS with New Master Processor Unit

A new Master Processor Unit (MPU) option is now available for the G1E Plus which when fitted grants the G1E Plus the same feature set as the Hybrex GDS.

Advanced programming options, IP connectivity, IP extension support, and many other options, are features of the GDS class of Hybrex systems. This functionality is now available for the G1E Plus when it is fitted with the new G1E-MPU.
Two forms of the new MPU are presented : the G1E-MPU1 which supports a single G1E+ cabinet, and the G1E-MPU4 which supports up to a 4 cabinet array.
Notable additions when a G1E-MPU is employed are: increase in IP trunk (ITU) capacity support; IP extension (ISU) support; IP connectivity - allowing easier programming, user programming options, remote support capability where provisioned, CTI capability; increases in system device support both in numbers and facility; and generally greater adaptability to customer needs via the availability of more complex system programming options. Essentially whatever can be set up on a GDS can be set up on this G1E-GDS - or G1E+M as it is technically named.

For full details see the Hybrex G1E-GDS page
picture of G1E-MPU4 G1E-MPU4 Shown

G1E-MPU1 also available
New IP Keyphone - the Hybrex IP38-61
New Product Available for Field Trials : IP38-61 IP Keyphone

In line with the availability of the new IP Platform components, Hybrex is proud to announce the availability for field trials of the IP38-61 IP Keyphone.

As the name implies this phone is not a standard IP phone. It is a keyphone.
It has the same fascia and functionality as the Hybrex DK6 keyphone - with the exception that, being an IP phone, it can be situated anywhere power and a compatible broadband Internet, or intranet, connection is available.
It is in essence a globally portable system extension keyphone.
With full DSS/BLF 36 key array, 2 line display, function keys, handsfree and headset function, access to all host system functions such as : lines, standard call handling, conference, intercom, paging, voicemail, system and personal speed dial, and more - there is almost no difference between the IP38-61 and a keyphone in the host office.
What this means is that what used to be a difficult task : communications provisioning of your remote business workers such as teleworkers, home office, mobile site office, in fact any geographically remote personnel, is now easy, low cost, and full facility.

For full details see the Hybrex IP38-61 page
picture of IP38-61 IP Keyphone IP38-61 IP Keyphone
New IP Platform Equipment - SIP VoIP Trunk Modules and SIP Extension Modules

New Product Release : IP Platform Modules

Broadband Internet has become a requisite for most forms of business these days. Broadband networks have also allowed the development of Voice over IP (VoIP) for telephony which offers significant advantages over traditional PSTN networks - not least of which is economy - contributing to rapid takeup of this technology.

Hybrex is therefore proud to announce the release of new IP Platform (IPP) equipment to integrate efficient VoIP interfaces into Hybrex PBX systems. This new IPP equipment is based on an embedded Linux core and provides interface options for SIP trunks, and SIP extension devices.

SIP Trunking Module : Hybrex ITU :
  • Available for both GDS and G1E Plus PBX
  • Available in 4, 8, or soon to be released 16 channel units.
  • Provide for connections to up to 4 different SIP Carrier servers per module allowing high versatility where global PSTN connectivity is desired.
  • Additional features such as NAT traversal functions and phone book allow for formation of multi-site networks for businesses with geographically disparate office locations - calls across such networks are tariff free.
  • Many more features and advantages.

  • For full details see the Hybrex ITU page
SIP Extension Module : Hybrex ISU :
  • Available for GDS PBX
  • Available in 4, 8, or soon to be released 16 channel units.
    Channels are concurrent use - non blocking.
  • Support most standard (third party) IP phones and devices with "analogue" (SLT) phone functionality. Even smart phone (iPhone etc) with SIP client.
  • Support soon to be released Hybrex IP3861 IP Keyphone.
  • Support T.38 Fax to compatible ATA devices.
  • Note IP system extension phones can be globally portable where compatible broadband connections are available; calls to/from these phones are free of tariff; and call handling is the same as any other extension phone.

  • For full details see the Hybrex ISU page
New G1E Plus system supercedes G1E-36
New Product Release : G1E Plus System

Announcing the new G1E Plus system is now available as the baseline main equipment for the Hybrex range.
Superceding the G1E, the G1E Plus provides :
  • Better integration of features - reducing component count.
  • Additional features in the base package.
  • Telephony port capacity increase to 40 ports max.
  • Forward support for the new VoIP platform equipment currently in development.
The G1E Plus system consolidates the baseline Hybrex offering of a highly versatile telephone system suitable for small to medium business use without fuss.
The basic package incorporates capacity for up to 4 or 6 lines and up to 12 extension phones, providing a highly economical system for small business. As business grows and needs increase the G1E Plus cabinet can be optioned up to 12 lines and 28 extensions - extension phones can be your choice of digital keyphones or analogue phones according to the modules fitted, and all Hybrex digital phones are compatible.

For full details see the G1E Plus product page
New G1E system and DK6 Phones
New Product Release : G1E System and DK6 Handset
  • Auto Telecom is proud to announce the release of the new G1E system.
  • The G1E system basic configuration is :
    4 PSTN lines, 8 Digital ports and 4 Analogue ports.
  • The Analogue ports provide Caller ID to extensions and Message Wait signals.
  • Standard on board is PSTN Caller ID, 4 Port Auto Attendant, 2 Minute MOH recording, and RGU.
  • The G1E can support a maximum of 28 stations in various configurations. These maximum configurations are:
    24 Digital extensions with 4 Analogue, or 20 Analogue with 8 Digital.
  • The system supports 8 standard trunk lines or 6 VOIP Trunks or 12 ISDN trunks. Trunks can be mixed
  • Special features of the G1E include :
    • Onboard 4 channel Auto Attendant.
    • Caller ID for all trunks.
    • User Recordable 2 minute MOH message for built in advertising.
  • Optional is a 256Mb Voice mail card which gives 16 hours of mailbox time which can be shared between users to suit different applications. This Voice Mail unit also increases the Auto Attendant to 6 channels.
  • The G1E has been designed with the DK6 as its primary phone but it also supports all the existing Hybrex range of digital phones if required without any special programming needed.

New DK6 Handset

DK6-21 Model shown.
Two new models available: DK6-21 executive and DK6-33 economy.
The colour is Charcoal, with a silver finish on the faceplate.
DK6-21 Model :
  • 40 Programmable keys.
  • Handsfree capable.
  • Headset port.
  • Adjustable stand.
  • Wall mountable.
  • Variable LCD contrast on some systems.
  • Modulated dial tone (on GDS).
  • Melody ring tones (on GDS)
  • Bluetooth Option available (ver 2.0).
DK6-33 Model :
  • 22 Programmable keys.
  • Handsfree Intercom only.
  • Adjustable stand.
  • Wall mountable.
  • Modulated dial tone (on GDS).
  • Melody ring tones (on GDS)
Designed for the G1E, and GDS systems, the DK6 also works on the G2 but with reduced functionality.
For more info - see the DK6 Handsets page
Fidelio Certification For Hybrex GDS
Micros (www.micros.com) is one of worlds largest providers of software reservations systems to the lodging industry, with many Hotel chains and property management companies choosing Micros as their solution.

Auto Telecom (Taiwan) and TransTel Communications (USA) announce the achievement of compatibility and certification between its Hospitality Telecommunications Systems GDS/TDS-600 Series and the Micros Opera and Fidelio PMS interfaces. Having developed the GDS/TDS 600 Hospitality Series to be compatible with Micros opens the doors for many of our partners worldwide. As a Hybrex/TransTel dealer you may sell an integrated solution into some of the largest hotel chains in the world. The PMS solution that exists between the Hybrex/TransTel Lodging systems and Micros Opera/Fidelio PMS is a bi-directional interface that exchanges information and updates the software database in each other's system. The result is a seamless integration that automatically updates both telephone system and property management system without having to duplicate effort. It is designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain that provides all the tools a hotel staff needs for doing their day-to-day jobs such as handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms and managing room inventory, accommodating in-house guest needs, and handling accounting and billing.

Our GDS/TDS telephone system obtained certified status to be an approved Micros Opera/Fidelio vender in May 2006.
Here is our listed information and also the ordering part number from Micros:

Name: Hybrex/TransTel System
Part Number: 5001-194
Fkt Logo: HYB
Protocols: Fidelio, Opera, Opera Express
Transtel Systems Win FAA Contract
Note - relative to the following - Transtel systems and Hybrex systems are sister systems. The Transtel TDS is the same as a Hybrex GDS.

In early 2005 the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) went through an evaluation process in the Central US Region looking for a solution that could provide a solid Communications Platform for Air Traffic Control Towers and supporting offices. After extensive investigation of the products available and the solutions offered the FAA selected the TransTel TDS series PBX. This was due to the functionality and reliability of the TDS platform and the fact that TransTel was willing to design some special features and capabilities that the FAA required. TransTel's President Joe Morris states “Working with our dealer Key Telecommunications Solutions and the FAA has been a really terrific project. The FAA presented us with some real needs and requirements and we have taken the time to develop them for the FAA. An Air Traffic Control Tower here in the USA has some unique characteristics which we were happy to accommodate the FAA with. Backlit displays for the air traffic control tower, a thoughtful default database program suitable for FAA installations and some specialty tweaking for some tenanting requirements have helped to go a long way in the relationship. The overall objective of the FAA is to provide reliability for all installations and to allow for an efficient cost factor for each site. The TransTel TDS Series have delivered on both fronts. Our dealer goes the extra mile when installing these systems by putting in place state of the art power and lightning protection. Many of the sites to date have had no failures at all due primarily to the care taken at installation. As we look back to the installations already in place we are all proud of the performance of the systems and overall project.” After a rigorous set of field trails the FAA have approved the TransTel TDS PBX system as their standard “mission critical” platform for FAA Air Traffic Control Towers within the Central Region. Over the last three years TransTel Systems have been installed in other Air Traffic Control Towers along with supporting office locations, each and every solution had the commitment and support of the TransTel Team. Shown is the brand new state of the art $12 million Air Traffic Control Tower in Fort Wayne Indiana.