Hybrex IP38-61 IP Keyphone
picture of IP38-61 IP Keyphone
IP38-61 IP Keyphone
The IP38-61 IP Keyphone is a system integral SIP IP phone designed to be connected to a Hybrex ISU card in a GDS or G1E+M system, via a broadband Internet, or Intranet, connection. An IP38-61, when connected so, behaves in a functionally equivalent way to a standard system digital keyphone. All the same features and functionality of a standard DK handset are available to the user, in fact the direct point of reference here is it's brother the DK6-21 on which the IP38-61 fascia is based. This is remarkable in that, since the link is a via broadband IP network, this feature set can be presented to locations geographically remote to the main system.

Physical Features:
  • Body colour is charcoal, with a silver finish on the faceplate.
  • Large, Backlit LCD display, 2 Line x 16 Chr. Contrast adjustable.
  • 36 system programmable DSS keys all lit with bi-colour LED.
  • Standard dial pad plus 8 function keys (4 with LED indicator).
  • Full handsfree operation available with high quality performance.
  • Headset socket (2.5mm).
  • Adjustable multipurpose stand - two desk positions, or wall mtg. position.
  • User control over audio levels of speaker, earpiece, mic, and camp-on tone.
  • User control over ring level, style, and frequency.
  • Message/Voice Mail Indicator - hi-visibility Red LED.
  • Available in standard, or POE version.

Functional Features:
  • Call Transfer.
  • Conference
  • Call Splitting.
  • Automatic Answer – Intercom.
  • Call Pickup.
  • Call Forward.
  • Redial.
  • One Touch Dialing.
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • Trunk Queuing.
  • Barge-In / Monitor.
  • Paging (All / Zone).
  • Receive Paging.
  • and more .....

The Hybrex IP38-61 Catalogue Brochure is available here