Auto Telecom Australia

Auto Telecom Corporation manufactures and distributes the TransTel and Hybrex range through its own outlets and associated distributors in 53 countries worldwide, some under the Hybrex and Transtel brands and others as OEM equipment.

The Hybrex product brand has been continuously represented in Australia since 1989 when the Key Telephone system market was deregulated allowing other brands to compete with the incumbent Telecom “Commander” range of telephone systems.

In 1997 Auto Telecom Australia was formed to directly market Auto Telecom’s products in Australia and to provide product development and support for customers in Australia and other English speaking markets. Auto Telecom manufactures a full range of telephone systems from 4 lines / 8 extensions to 500 lines / 1280 extensions, VoIP equipment, voice mail, and other associated products which are distributed and supported by an Australia wide dealer network.